It may be time to explore your professional life in a new way.  Below is a template of a Professional Wheel of Life.  This wheel represents the many facets of one’s work life and is a good tool to begin with. For many of us, work is more than half of our waking hours and deserves our real attention. What is your relationship to your professional life?  What are the questions you ask your self about it?

Once you’ve done this, you may discover that, like many people, your lines don’t match up. Imagine putting a set of these wheels on a car and driving around. Does the ride allow you to be creative and fulfilled?  Or do your wheels keep you stuck with your teeth rattling? 

If your ride is not what you want, coaching can help you change it. With co-active coaching, you decide what kind of professional life you want to create for yourself. You’ll discover and clarify 

    •What a fulfilling professional life means to you

    •What aspects of work you value

    •Where you want to go in your professional future

    •What keeps you from moving forward/making changes

    •The many possibilities open to you

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Create your wheel

• Print the wheel out and use it as it is, or add or subtract any wedges you want.

• Be sure to make the wedges reflect the parts of your professional life that are       important to you.

• Darken the line of each wedge at your level of satisfaction. The center of the     wheel is 1 (least satisfying) and the outer edge is 10 (most satisfying). 

• Then connect the lines of each wedge. 

Professional Wheel of Life

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