What is Co-Active Coaching?

Co-active coaching is a dynamic relationship between the coach and the client that moves clients forward as they clarify what is important to them in their personal and professional lives.  Co-active coaching generates positive change and far-reaching results. It is often a matter of months until a client feels he or she has achieved the desired goals.

Coaching begins with NOW and looks to the client’s FUTURE-self for guidance and inspiration.

Who Do I Coach?

• Individuals, including seniors and elderly, in transition - helping them  

  make powerful decisions about their lives and their future.

• Social service agencies - helping them improve their work environment.

• Youth and families from low-income and minority communities

  being served by agencies - helping them seize opportunities to succeed.

Coach and client work together to:  

• Clarifying the client’s goals

• Developing strategies to achieve them

• Eliminating life-draining habits

• Putting new life and work practices into place

Coaching is a powerful process of change

• Mobilizing strengths

  1. Realizing the potential of the individual

  2. Maximizing that potential

Coaching challenges our assumptions

• Challenges our habitual behaviors

• Challenges us to do things differently

It’s time for you to take the reins.

Sage Coach

                               Co-Active Coaching

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Syrl Silberman:  Co-active Life and Career Coach